FIP - Frequently Asked Questions

How many persons can be covered under My Plan?

Six Persons including the Primary Insured.

Who can be covered under My Plan?
  • Primary Insured
  • Spouse
  • Combination of Two Persons from your Parents or In-Laws
  • Your Children (Including Dependent Children under your legal guardianship) ages 1-25
What documents are Required for Enrollment?

  • Identification Cards (primary insured, spouse, parents/ In-Laws)
  • Birth Papers (Children)

Can my siblings also be enrolled on My FIP Plan?

Sorry, the plan does not allow for siblings to be insured under another sibling's plan.

Can I lower my FIP Premium?

A member is not allowed to decrease their premium under the plan in which they are insured. One can only choose a higher coverage which would allow for increased premiums.


  • Sarah is insured at Plan C and wishes to move to Plan B
  • CUNA will not approve this change of plan

  • If Sarah is insured at Plan C and which to move to Plan G
  • CUNA will approve this change of plan

  • If a member is unable to pay their premiums. they can cancel their existing plan, ensure all their premiums for the plan they wish to cancel are in good order up to the date they cancel the plan, and enroll in a lower plan
Access the FIP Change of Plan form here: Forms (

How long does it take for a Claim to be reimbursed?

The reimbursement usually takes 2-3 days one all supporting documents are provided

What documents are required to make a claim?
  • Family Indemnity Plan (FIP) Claim Statement form to be completed (access Forms (
  • Death Certificate
  • ID Card of the deceased
  • ID Card of the individual making the claim
How does one transfer their Plan to be covered under another insured's Plan?
  • Transfer letter is required with a form of ID
  • Change of Insured from to be completed by the Insured person they wish to transfer their plan under, also attaching their ID (the Insured Person's ID)
Can I still maintain my FIP Plan if I resign from the Credit Union?

If you leave the Credit Union, you must transfer your FIP Plan to another approved provider of the CUNA Family Indemnity Plan.

If you resign from the Credit Union and do not transfer the plan to another approved provider, you will be removed from the plan by CUNA.