About Us

Who we are

Textel Credit Union is a full service Credit Union providing a range of financial products and services to its members. Our priority is to seek the interest of our members by providing the highest quality of services; educating our members about financial management and helping them become better consumers of financial services.

Textel Credit Union encourages its members to save regularly in order to achieve their financial goals, in addition to providing financial counseling on money management and providing loans at competitive rates while delivering superior customer service.

Our Mission

Promoting a co-operative culture of thrift, caring and partnership to increase membership, build sustainable wealth and create financial independence.

Enhancing the competencies of staff as well as building a pool of fit and proper persons from which we can draw to serve on the Board and Committees.

Surpassing the PEARLS Prudential Standards.

Vision Statement

To be the Premium Credit Union in its class in Trinidad & Tobago