To assist in the execution of its responsibilities, the Board has established a number of committees, each with its own charter that is reviewed annually. Details of the committees in place at the time of this report are outlined below.

  • Supervisory Committee
  • Credit Committee
  • Education Committee

Supervisory Committee

  • Jacqueline Taylor Chase - Chairman
  • Kerwin Ramrattan
  • Lancelot Wade
  • Don Endeavour (1st Alternate)
  • Hollis Bertrand (2nd Alternate)

Credit Committee

  • Elliot Rivas - Chairman
  • Jennifer Long - Secretary
  • Alanna Gordon
  • Ingrid Richardson
  • Vivian Reyes
  • Roxanne Lamy (1st Alternate)
  • Tenisha Sylvester (2nd Alternate)

 Education Committee

  • Ishmael Baksh
  • Sherry Ann Polo
  • Kypruna Vincent
  • Vivian Reyes
  • Jerri-Lyn Mullins
  • Allison Sylvester
  • Junior St Hillaire
  • Jennifer Long
  • Elliot Rivas
  • Cherice Forbes