Board of Directors

Role of the Board

The Board’s primary role is to protect and enhance long-term member value. To fulfil this role, the Board is responsible for: the overall corporate governance of the Credit Union including its strategic direction; establishing and monitoring the achievement of goals and ensuring the integrity of internal controls and management information systems; and for approving and monitoring financial and other reporting. The responsibility for operation and administration of the Credit Union is delegated by the Board to the Management Team headed by the Treasurer/Manager.

Member Participation

Members have two relationships with the Credit Union, as a customer and as an owner/shareholder. As customers, members exercise choice through their selection of the products and services they believe best suit their individual needs. As owners/shareholders, members have the right and are encouraged to participate in the activities of their Credit Union, including nominating and electing other members as directors, and attending or participating at general meetings, either in person or by proxy.

Kypruna Vincent
2nd Alternate