Officers Elected at 43rd Annual General Meeting

17 May 2017

The 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Saturday 13th of May, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel, Wrightson Road. Another first for TCU the move to a breakfast meeting proved very successful. Members began turning up from as early as 7am and breakfast was served on time. The meeting was filled with positive energy as members saw old friends and colleagues and took the opportunity to catch up as the morning progressed.

The overwhelming success of the meeting and the move to the Radisson Hotel bodes well for the organization and the hosting of future AGMs. It was reassuring to see the vibrancy of our membership as a wide cross section was represented across all major demographic categories.

At the meeting the various committees reported on the activities performed during the year and members were given the opportunity to ask questions or clarification on matters of interest. Elections were also held at this time. The results are as follows.

Supervisory Committee

  • Jacqueline Taylor Chase
  • Kerwin Ramrattan
  • Lancelot Wade
  • Don Edeavour - 1st Alternate
  • Hollister Bertrand - 2nd Alternate

Credit Committee

  • Elliot Rivas
  • Alanna Gordon
  • Jennifer Long
  • Vivian Reyes
  • Ingrid Richardson
  • Roxanne Lamy – 1st Alternate
  • Tenisha Sylvester – 2nd Alternate

Board of Directors

  • Elliot Rivas
  • Michael Marcano
  • Jeffrey Austin
  • Ishmael Baksh
  • Vivian Reyes – 1st Alternate
  • Candice Shortte – 2nd Alternate